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Support Library Funding at the State Level

The Governor recently released his budget for next year and it includes cuts to state-wide library funding.  This affects our library as it will cost us more to be a member of the CW/Mars library group.  CW/Mars provides the computers we use to check books in and out, and makes it easy for us to borrow books and other items from other libraries for you.  The Massachusetts Library System has set up an Engage website that makes it very easy for you to let your local legislators know that you think library funding is important.

The Engage website can help you do just that in just a few easy steps.
The process is very simple.

1.Click on this link:

2.From the Engage home page click on the Take Action button
3.You now see a form. Enter your name and contact info in the form. Your address is important because it ensures that your legislator receives your message.
4.Click the Submit button
5.You now see the pre-populated message that will go to your legislator. You can change the subject and/or the message if you choose to. Otherwise, from this screen simply click Submit and your message is sent to your legislators, the Governor and the Lt. Governor.

Please consider helping out our library and libraries throughout the state.  Legislators who here the same message from many of their constituents take those messages very seriously.

“Discovery in the Attic” at the library


Local author Rosalie Rymarski will be at the library on Monday, December 14th at 7 p.m. to read from and sell her new book “Discovery in the Attic: A Family’s Shared Past Revealed”.

From the author’s website: “In this book, Rosalie Rymarski guides you through dozens of letters from the Nahum Daniels Day family correspondence circa 1857-1872.”  She then uses other period resources to explain what was going on in the United States at the time of the letter. Visit for more information about the book, and please join us on the 14th.

J. R. Greene at the library

quabbin calendar 2016

Local Author J. R. Greene will be at the library on Wednesday, December 9th at 7 p.m. to talk about and sell his 2016 Quabbin History Calendar.  He will also have many of his other local history books for sale.  A portion of the proceeds of any sales at the library will be donated to the Friends of the Library.