Commonwealth E-books and Downloadable Audio

The Massachusetts Library system had introduced a new Commonwealth E-book and downloadable audio collection.  At the present time, CW/Mars patrons can use the Biblioboard and Axis 360 collections.  Our connection to the EBL collection will come later.  Biblioboard is mostly scholarly and research books.  Axis 360 has popular fiction and non-fiction titles with book e-books and downloadable audiobooks.

Click here to access the MA eBook project homepage.  From there you can click on links to Biblioboard and Axis 360.  You will need to find your library in the list of libraries on the first page of Axis 360, or to create a Biblioboard account.  Our library is listed as “Ware Young Men’s Library”.  You will also need your library card number and pin to use the website.  Please call the library if you do not know your pin.

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