Behavior Policy

Patrons at the Young Men’s Library are expected to abide by the following rules. Failure to follow the rules may result in patrons being asked to leave the library. Repeated offenses will result in patrons being asked not to return to the library for longer periods of time. If patrons do not leave the library when asked, the police will be called.

–Appropriate attire is required to use the library. Shirts and shoes must be worn at all times and bathing suits must be dry and covered with a shirt or other cover-up. Personal hygiene should be sufficient to not offend other library users.

–Please be considerate of others regarding noise. Sound carries very easily in the library building. Conversations and cell phone calls should be kept at a low volume. Please take long cellphone conversations outside. Audio equipment should be listened to with headphones and at a volume level that cannot be heard outside the headphones. Please keep all other noise and vocalizations to a minimum.

–Crude language or profanity is not allowed and will result in immediate expulsion from the library. Using the library computers to look at pornographic or obscene websites will result in expulsion from the library and a 1 month suspension of library privileges.

–The library has only one public restroom. Please do your best to make your visits to the restroom short so that others may be able to access it. Other than parents of small children or those helping disabled individuals, only one person at a time is allowed to use the restroom. Bathing or washing of clothing is not allowed in the restroom.

–Food is prohibited at the library except during library sponsored events. Drinks in covered containers are allowed at library tables or easy chairs, but no drinks are allowed at the computers or in the stacks. Smoking is not allowed at the library.

–Please be respectful of other’s privacy, especially in the computer area. Standing behind those using the computers or trying to see what others have on their screens is not allowed.

–The library staff reserves the right to check all bags, purses and backpacks at their discretion.

–Destruction of library property is not allowed.

–Bicycles must be left outside of the library and must not block the library doors. Skateboards may be brought inside but they must be stored by the checkout desk in such a way that they do not block the elevator.

–Adult patrons are responsible for the behavior of the children that are with them in the library.  Children aged 7 and under are not to be left in the Children’s Room without supervision. Older children may be in the library without supervision at the discretion of their parents or guardians but are not the responsibility of the library staff and may be asked to leave the library if they do not behave as directed by the library staff.